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(Last time: Brooke's college years have flown by, but not uneventfully. Before returning home to the legacy house, Brooke's graduated with honors, joined a formerly all-boy Greek House, fallen in love, and gotten engaged - to a girl.)

Suzanne and I were married a few weeks later. I walked on clouds for days after that, and would have for even longer if Suzanne hadn't reminded me about what was more important.
"You're an adult now...it's time for you to continue the Lothario Legacy."
She was such a good wife.

Such a good wife...that I knew she'd be a good mommy. And it turned out, we were both good mommies to the little girl we adopted. She was on the brink of toddlerhood, and her name was Emmalia.
Well, we were good mommies after the oh-my-god-we-have-a-baby-help-what-do-we-do-now feeling passed.

Like I said, Emmalia was very close to toddlerhood when we adopted her, and as a result we soaked up the month we had with her as a baby.

My own mother agreed that we should have some sort of proof (for lack of a better word) of Emmalia's babyhood. And so, that very same day, she painted my picture as I held my daughter.

Welcome to the family, Emmalia Lothario.

We loved everything about her. She was a thousand different kinds of perfect.

But as much as we enjoyed her babyhood, I have to say that the real fun began when she turned one. She was a very quiet, mellow child, and we marveled at everything she did.

We continued a lot of family traditions with her. Emmalia even slept in the same crib I had when I was a toddler.

Even though I had the Knowledge aspiration, for some reason my biological clock kept going off. We had planned on having just Emmalia, but then something really weird happened.

Around the time Emmalia turned two, I ran up to Suzanne in the evening and announced randomly, "Another. Another. We need another."

I still don't know how she understood what I meant, but she did.

"His name is Oliver," she declared to me, coming in with a toddler smaller than Emmalia. "He's twenty-one months old, and Emmalia's going to be the best big sister this world has ever known." She grinned, and I grinned back.

I won't lie...it was hard the first few weeks, adjusting to having two kids instead of just one. Oliver was into everything! But you know what they say...boys will be boys.

And Mom was always willing to help care for her grandchildren.

And Dad, well...

Of course he was happy to watch the toddlers anytime, too, but lately he had become rather preoccupied with something.

He had bought a worktable during the years I was at college, and every spare minute he had, he was working on it. He wouldn't tell anyone what he was doing.

Mom still painted pictures, too - somehow managing to do it with two small children crawling around her feet most of the day. Whenever I asked her how she did it, she just shrugged and said, "Well, I did it when you and Katie were younger."

We had quite an active - and noisy! - household. Sometimes, I could hardly imagine what it would be like when Oliver and Emmalia were older.

But other times...

...I would find them quietly babbling to each other. It was usually Oliver who did most of the "talking," however.

Brooke and I savored those moments when they were quietly playing together, or just quietly playing, period. We sometimes snuck away in those moments to talk. Suzanne seemed especially interested in the fact that I was the heiress of a legacy.

"You ought to get pregnant," she announced one day out of the blue. "To carry on the legacy genes."
I snorted. "You want me to cheat on you just so I can get pregnant? Besides, the spacing would be weird - the kids are already three, it'd be too far apart."
"Forget the age spacing. There's a way to get pregnant if you're in a gay relationship," she told me. When I gaped, she nodded. "I studied biology, you know."

I told her to let me sleep on it, because I wasn't sure.

Eventually, though, I decided she was right. We should carry on the legacy genes.

I'm not going to go into the details of how I got pregnant...but I was so happy when the pregnancy test came out positive. That I will tell you.

Emmalia and Oliver constantly asked when the baby was going to be here. I would always give them the same answer: "Christmas will come, and then it will get warm, and Oliver will turn four - and then the baby will come."

Even though we had our hands full, I couldn't ever get my mind off of being pregnant. It felt so...weird.

But I was happy for Oliver, who was going to get to be a big brother. I remembered how I had felt when Israel and Kieran were born...

That's what I was thinking about late one night when I heard a scream, and Suzanne burst in through the door, eyes wide with fright.
"I saw a...a ghost!" she screamed. "A ghost in the bathroom!"

"You mean my grandfather?" I asked, confused. Suzanne had seen my grandfather's ghost before, but had never been this scared of him. In fact, she looked forward to the times he would float around, admiring his great-grandchildren.
"No, no, not him!" she panted. "It was...a younger boy..."
"My late brother! Kieran!" I sat bolt upright. Kieran's ghost had never visited before, but I had been looking forward to the day he would. I wanted so badly to see him again. "Looked about nine, right?"

"No - fifteen, maybe? Definitely a teenager." Suzanne, calming down a little, looked at me. "Do you think maybe he aged in the afterlife? He's such a mean ghost! Teenage angst, I bet."
I had to admit that I had no idea. Ghosts fascinated me, Knowledge Sim that I was, but I had never really studied them.

At that moment, a little voice whined from the next room.
"Oh!" I exclaimed. "It's eleven-fifty...it's time!"
"It's time," Suzanne agreed. "They can finally grow up!"
You see, I'd snuck a little Elixir of Life into one of Emmalia's bottles recently, in order to make her and Oliver almost exactly the same age. It was off by a day or two, but better that than three months.

Pushing aside my worries of the ghost that might have been Kieran, I hurried into the next room, with Oliver held tightly in my arms.

- Sorry this update was all about parenting, and also that it was really short...again, I didn't take enough pictures.
- The ghost is indeed Kieran, but as you may recall, I had to grow him up to kill him via cowplant.
- I can't tell you how happy I am that Oliver has 4 Active points! 3 or less means they can't run, and 5+ makes them hungry faster - so this is perfect! Everyone else in the household is super Active, as you can see below.
- This is another pregnancy where I had to cheat a little...Brooke was impregnated through the SimModder.
- The long wait for this update was due to the fact that I can't open SimPE anymore (no clue why, it just crashes), so I had to open the game and get the personality points. And of course I had to play a little, since the game was open and all...

DON LOTHARIO, Legacy Founder
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: Become Professional Party Guest
Sloppy (1)
Outgoing (7)
Active (8)
Serious/Playful (5)
Grouchy (4)

JAMES LOTHARIO, Generation 2 Heir
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Become Captain Hero
Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (10)
Active (10)
Serious (2)
Nice (9)

BROOKE LOTHARIO, Generation 3 Heiress
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Max 7 Skills
Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (10)
Active (10)
Serious (3)
Grouchy (3)

Aspiration: Grow Up
LTW: n/a
Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (9)
Active (8)
Serious (3)
Grouchy (3)

Aspiration: Grow Up
LTW: n/a
Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (9)
Lazy (4)
Serious (4)
Grouchy (3)


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Good job, but snuck is not a word. It's sneaked. Please use correct grammar.
May. 5th, 2010 03:05 am (UTC)
Snuck is slang. Just like thunk. :P
May. 23rd, 2010 05:22 pm (UTC)
I don't care. Use correct grammar ANYWAY.

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