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(Last time: Brooke and Suzanne marry and settle in again. They adopt two children: Emmalia and Oliver, both of whom are now toddlers. James has managed to become very busy with a mysterious project in his workshop. And then Suzanne declares that it's time to carry on the legacy genes...)

(Note: Midway through this update I started playing with the graphics, so things might look odd. Sorry about that. Also, the title, which I thought was original, turned out to be a travel newsletter. Whoops!

This IS from Emmalia's point of view. Yes, she refers to her mothers by their first names, because I had no idea what else she'd call them without things getting confusing.)

Oliver and me. That's always how it was. Always Emmalia and Oliver, Oliver and Emmalia. We weren't twins - as a matter of fact, we were both adopted - but a lot of times it felt like we were.

Brooke, one of our mothers, constantly reminded us that soon there would be three of us, because we were going to have a new baby sister soon. She and Suzanne, our other mom, knew it was going to be a girl because the doctor showed them a picture of the baby. I thought that was pretty cool when I first heard about it.

Oh, and you know that thing Grandpa was building for a really long time? The one he wouldn't tell us anything about?

Well, call me psychic, but I knew it was a robot from real early on. See, Grandpa had already built a MunchieBot, which fetched us snacks and stuff all the time.

That's why I wasn't at all surprised when he said he'd built us a new robot, to help us. "It's self-reliant," he said. Or, at least, that's what Oliver told me he said. Oliver was there at the time, tending to Raven, our bird. It was Grandma's idea to get us the bird, because Sparky was getting older and didn't want to play much anymore. He slept most of the time.

Anyway, Suzanne came in and pushed a button on the robot and it stood up. I mean really stood up.
"Good afternoon, madam," it declared.
I gasped and stared at it. "What is it?"

"It's a Servo," Grandpa told me. "It acts just like a normal Sim, and can do almost anything you and I can do."
"What is your name?" Oliver asked the Servo. And when the Servo said it didn't have a name, but it knew it was male, Oliver immediately declared, "Let's name him Sir. Sir Servo."
And everyone liked that name, the Servo most of all, so that's what he was named.

I have to admit, Sir Servo was really nice to have around. He gave us a little bit of luxury - cleaning for us, cooking for us, repairing things, and so on. The best part, he said, was that Servos never aged, and so he would be around long after we were.

He also helped Oliver and me with homework, despite never having been to school himself. Which was good, because Brooke was very pregnant, and Suzanne was always taking care of the house.

We were good students in school, Oliver and I.

Well, school kept us busy, and I thought the baby would never come. But sure enough, it did. In the middle of the night. Oliver and I woke up when it was almost here.

And just as Brooke had told us, it was a little girl.

They named her April, after the month she was born.

I had expected everyone to pay less attention to us after the baby was born, but they treated her like royalty. "Our little heiress," Brooke always said tenderly, smiling at her.

Yeah, April was our heiress, because she "carried on the genes." That's how Brooke put it. Since Oliver and I were adopted, we didn't, which made me kind of sad sometimes.

I was still a pretty happy kid, though, because I had what April didn't. I had a playmate almost my exact age in my own house!

Time went by.
Sparky became an elder, and retired from his job.

We got our room redesigned.

(Well, not completely. Oliver slept in the same bed that Uncle Israel had when he was little, and I slept in the same bed that Aunt Katie had.)

And around the time we turned eight, things really began to happen.

April became a toddler. She knew how to walk, of course, but crawled all over the place most of the time.

She was a lot more interesting as a toddler. We could actually do things together, for one.

Sure, the backyard wasn't much of a playroom, but it worked. April was still pretty young to do much with us, anyway.

I was young, too, all things considered - and so I don't really remember much about that house. The last thing I remember happening in it has to do with Grandma.

We were all standing around doing more or less nothing when this guy in a cloak appeared out of nowhere. And then he offered Grandma a drink.

She looked really upset about the whole thing, even though there were hula people around, and so I asked Suzanne why.
"Those are Hula Zombies," she whispered, "and that man is the Grim Reaper. Your grandma's dying, honey." She said it gently.

"No!" I exclaimed, bursting into tears. "Don't let him!"

But yet, Grandma seemed almost...happy?

Her image faded away before my very eyes...

...and then there was just this urn sitting on the floor.

We got a call from some people a little bit after that. And they gave us some money. Well, they gave money to Grandpa, Brooke, Aunt Katie, Uncle Israel, and even April.

It didn't make life any less tense, though.

In fact, later on, Brooke even said to Grandpa, "You know, I really think we should move."
"To a different house?!" Grandpa shouted. "You know this is the Legacy house!"

"Oh, but Dad, now that the kids are older there's hardly much room in the house."
"Absolutely not!"

They argued for hours.

Brooke begged him for a long time, and finally he agreed reluctantly. But he wanted to stay at the house, he said.

And just like that, we packed up and prepared to move. Oliver and I got to stay at the same school and keep our friends, so we weren't too upset about it. And we could still visit Grandpa, who was just a block away.
We could hardly believe how awesome the new house was.

The front room was huge and had a great fish tank.

To the right we had a study and skilling room.

Then there was our moms' bedroom to the left.

Even their bathroom was pretty!

Upstairs we had a little kitchen and dining room.

Under that, we had a little urn room for keeping, well...urns.

There was even a pool outside!

But the best room was our room. It was on a stage, so it was raised.

We had a hot chocolate maker and a laptop and our very own TV! There was even a new bed for April, because Suzanne thought it would be a good idea to try and wean her into sleeping in a real bed soon.

Of course, the first thing our mothers did was to "break in" the bed.

Little did we know how thrilled they were with April. Brooke kept saying, "We have beautiful children." That was our only clue to what came next.

I'll tell you what came next.

When April was almost five, she became a big sister. A big sister to three-year-old Trina, the third adopted child in our family.

And, yes...

...the youngest in the family was a bunny-lover.

She was very friendly and talkative, as well.

So by the end of summer, we were a large family. Which was fine by me. I loved having three little siblings.

Brooke had us enrolled in a private school at our new home, which was a good school except for the fact that we had to wear uniforms.
I hate uniforms.

April was almost old enough to start school, and she couldn't wait. Every day she asked if we could "play school." She was really excited to start kindergarten.

But little did I know that my world, which seemed so perfect, was going to be jolted violently...and very soon.

- Emmalia was the only one really upset over Tara. Even Brooke had only a brief initial crying spell, and that was it.
- April was named by my little sister Zoey. I don't remember if April was actually born in April or not.
- The tour of the new house was a lot of fun to write :) The house is a bunch more fun to play, too. I downloaded it from More Awesome Than You online (it was a download available to guests), even though it originally came with Teen Style Stuff. (I got the structure of the house, but not the things in it that came with TSS, since I don't have that stuff pack.) I did refurnish the whole house, and add the kitchen on the second floor. Other than that, it's all Maxis.
- I temporarily grew April up to see how she'd look when she got older. She actually grows into her features quite nicely!

DON LOTHARIO, Legacy Founder
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: Become Professional Party Guest
Sloppy (1)
Outgoing (7)
Active (8)
Serious/Playful (5)
Grouchy (4)

JAMES LOTHARIO, Generation 2 Heir
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Become Captain Hero
Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (10)
Active (10)
Serious (2)
Nice (9)

BROOKE LOTHARIO, Generation 3 Heiress
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Max 7 Skills
Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (10)
Active (10)
Serious (3)
Grouchy (3)

APRIL LOTHARIO, Generation 4 Heiress
Sloppy/Neat (5)
Shy (3)
Active (10)
Serious (4)

Nice (6)

Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (9)
Active (8)
Serious (3)
Grouchy (3)

Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (10)
Lazy (4)
Serious (4)
Grouchy (3)

Sloppy (4)
Shy (4)
Lazy (4)
Playful (7)
Nice (6)


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Jul. 4th, 2010 04:59 am (UTC)
What is the surprise?
Jul. 5th, 2010 02:36 am (UTC)
You'll find out in the next update.
Jul. 4th, 2010 04:59 am (UTC)
That was from Zoey.
Jul. 5th, 2010 12:02 am (UTC)
you've got a really nice story-telling style! I guess that's because you're a writer ;). I'm wondering whether to switch to more of a story-telling style for whatever sims challenge I embark on after my current legacy. I'm up to gen 4 kids now also :o
Jul. 5th, 2010 03:39 am (UTC)
Thanks! :) With a story-telling style it's a lot different, though. It's kind of hard to assume a Sim's point of view sometimes. Especially if you do things like teen pregnancy and drinking.

Gen 4? Aw, now I really want to read more of your legacy. Post soon?
Jul. 5th, 2010 07:25 am (UTC)
(on my main LJ account, sorry!)

aha, definitely! I've got a bunch of updates ready to post, I'm just lazy about uploading them and writing captions x3. I'll try and post a mass update this holidays though! :D
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