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Nope, I'm not dead

I just haven't updated in a verrrrrry long time. My old computer crashed, and now I'm running a Mac (w00t!). The downside to this is that I can't play my PC Sims games any longer, even on Boot Camp (my computer won't do it). Luckily I do have the Sims games for Mac, but just the Uni, NL, and Pets expansion packs.

How does this affect my legacy? Well, I had to start a whole new one. This time I'm starting with a Sim in college, and my only handicap is the 'Storyteller' one (each heir/heiress must write at least one novel, except for the tenth. I must write a story about my legacy as it progresses). Sometime soon I'm also going to be starting the Apocalypse Challenge - I'll likely post about how that goes here, too. Don't expect anything up before Christmas.

Want to see how the Lotharios ended up? Here are some of the pictures I never got around to posting.

- I never got around to letting James die of old age. It's very hard for me to keep time-sync in between lots... Plus he wished for the Power to Cheat Death as a teenager, so it'd likely take many tries to actually kill him.
- This was going to be the title pic for After That Jazz Generation 3:

- For the generation three spares: Katie adopted two children and a cat. She remained a single mother until she died.

(This picture is of Katie's two children. I can't remember their names. I named the cat Heidi, but the photos of her got deleted.)
- Where Israel ended up has, unfortunately, slipped my mind. He had a child, that's all I remember. Hmm.
- This was going to be the title pic for Update 4.3:

(This picture was taken in what ended up being a very violent dream sequence, which is part of the reason I kept putting off posting it. Yes, the girl pictured is April. No, the boy pictured is not one of April's siblings, nor is the room part of her house.)
- I lost my Storytelling folder for Pleasantview in the transfer and have only what I uploaded to ImageShack before I switched computers. If I ever find it I'll update this post. Right now I can only tell you what happened, not show you.
- Emmalia grew into a teenager and was moved to college. I never got to play with her as a young adult.
- Oliver skipped college and moved out on his own. I think he was dating someone the last time I played with his household.
- Trina grew into a teenager before the story was over. She was impregnanted by Beau Broke while still a teen (more about this below).
- Brooke and Suzanne adopted a fifth child, their fourth girl. Her name was Ashtyn, and she was on the brink of becoming a teenager.
- Now for April, our heiress...

- April grew into a beautiful child who did well in school and loved to help her family.
- At the age of eight she began to have violent dreams about a boy, who constantly told her that the worst was about to come.
- These dreams included flashbacks from the boy's past, including murder and abuse of his mother and himself.
- He warned her to leave Pleasantview immediately with her family.
- Her mothers dismissed this warning, saying that she must have been having nightmares. They were far more concerned with Trina.
- As mentioned above, Beau Broke was Trina's baby's father. However, she refused to tell her mothers this (and would have kept it a secret until the child was older, at which point I would have eventually revealed it).
- Suzanne tried to persuade Trina to abort the baby, while Brooke went against this, being born from a teenage pregnancy herself.
- Trina did not give birth during the legacy. My plan was for her to have the baby, and then give it up for adoption (she'd stay in touch with the adoptive parents).

- This is as far as I got with the legacy.
- I am pretty sure Brooke became an elder (???). Suzanne did not.
- The next update of the legacy is not ready. It ends in a weird place that makes no sense, so I wouldn't be posting it even if I did have the files.

So now you know where the Lotharios ended up. My next legacy also takes place in Pleasantview, but with an original Sim of mine.
My Apocalypse will likely take place in a new town.

Until next time. Merry Christmas!



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