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A little surprise x2!Collapse )

Author's Notes:
- Both pregnancies, Tara and I have both kept her well away from cheesecake, "forcetwins," and anything else having to do with twins. I have no idea how she ended up with them again!
- According to SimPE, Israel has James's alien father's blond hair (yes, it's a custom PT). However, Kieran is blond because he has Tara's hair genetics! Hmm.
- The only reason Tara went into labor naked is because she had just gotten out of the shower. I know it's not particularly realistic, but neither is giving birth fully clothed, either.
- Next update will include a lot of babbling about the generation three heir or heiress. You have been warned.

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Lothario Legacy: After That Jazz - Gen 2

Alex and Vincent's storiesCollapse )

Author's Notes:
- I didn't take pictures of Angela and Alex marrying because Alex had his face stuck in a shocked expression and it looked really weird. They didn't have a wedding party, they just did it the quick way, so you're not missing much.
- Another case of genetics skipping a generation: Stephen has Alex's alien father's blond hair.
- Rebecca's name was changed by me with the help of TJ's Sim Blender. The game coincidentally named her "Brooke"!
- There is no personality chart for this update. I'm not planning on doing one for the After That Jazz entries.
Teen pregnancy and parenting aheadCollapse )

Author's Notes:
- The real reason there are no pictures of Tara pregnant is because I don't have teen pregnancy hacks, so I had to be really tricky with this. First, I used cheats to age them both up to adults. Then I had them Try For Baby, sped up Tara's pregnancy through hacks, and after the babies were born, I aged her and James back down.
- Katie's tan skin is the same shade as Don's, so I'm guessing that was genetics skipping a generation.
- The girls both have their mother's last name, as you can see in the chart below. I'll be changing it with SimPE once I marry James and Tara, methinks.
- Kind of off topic, but I got Open for Business midway through this update. Best. Expansion. Ever.
- I haven't actually played Don, Alex, and Vincent since I moved Tara and James out. I promise I'll grow at least Alex up sometime during the next update, so you can see what he looks like as an adult.

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Update below the cutCollapse ) 

Author's Notes:
- This update came rather fast because, well, I was just really excited to see who'd be the heir. I still haven't decided, because Vincent hasn't grown up yet.
- Is it just me, or does James really look like a Sims 3 Sim in this picture?
- The whole romantic thing was James's idea. I just helped them along with First Kiss.
- Don was actually doing "Tuck In" to Alex as well, but bunk beds made for a very odd-looking picture. Now I just need to get him to prove that he loves James...
- I've set up personality charts now! One of these will be coming with every update from now on (but only the most recent generation will show the heir's siblings so it doesn't get longer than the updates itself).

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Clicky.Collapse )

- I know I promised Don's future children wouldn't be related to him, just like Tara isn't, but I forgot and my most recent save was right after Don had called the adoption service. Though, I think this will be his last one.
- Tara acts more like a mother to Vincent than a sister. Maybe she's just happy to have another kid in her family who's not related to the founder by blood (even if he could, technically, become the heir)? Hmm.
- Thanks gabunny for telling me how to get rid of the paddle hands. Turning up Sim/Object Detail was the way to do it.
- ETA: Whoops! Entry is now under a cut. Apologies to any friends page whom I made cry!

Lothario Legacy: Gen 2.1 - Miracle Mites

Alien twins, and a human child. Yays!Collapse )
- Yes, I am aware how messy the house is. That's why they have a maid. (You can't really see the mess except for part of it in the last pic.)
- I have no idea where James inherited his pointed ears from. I may have custom PTs, but none of them have pointed ears! (Yes, they are pointy. It's not the hairstyle covering them.)
- Does anybody know how to get rid of those ugly "paddle hands", where the Sims have only two fingers and a thumb?
OK, fine, these are in drabble form, but you get what's going on. Gen 1.1: Angels on Your Doorstep
Gen 1.2: Gifts From Above

I'm not using handicaps this time around, or counting points. Just trying to get through the ten generations.

- To move Tara in, I created her as an adult and used the agesims cheat to age her down to child. She's not really related to Don, nor will the other children (if he has any more) be.
- The bit where Don's abducted came out of nowhere. The twins were *very* coincidental, but also very lucky (he flirted with Nina and then Kaylynn, so by my rules he deserved twins, but it was pure luck since I have no OfB, therefore no cheesecake).
- This is a new computer, so currently I've just got FT + Double Deluxe on it. I will be adding EPs little by little.

The Lothario Legacy...(preview)

My preview for the next legacy, the Lothario legacy, is here. I am running a Sims 2 advent calendar this December, so I might be able to get the legacy along a little (considering I'm playing the same family for both the legacy and the calendar), but I might not. For the next 23 days, it'll be better to just watch weissnicht for Sims 2 stuff. You'll be able to see the Lothario family as it is from there, anyway.

Chapter 1.1: Angels on Your Doorstep will be up a.s.a.p., I promise.


Note to self: Sims cannot climb out of pools without ladders. Sims can, however, get into pools without ladders somehow (WTH?) and therefore should *not* be left unsupervised when there is a pool without a ladder on the lot because they can't afford a ladder yet! Also, yes, kids can drown, and it is more important to tend to the legacy founder than HIS LITTLE BROTHER.

...so yeah, Damian drowned. This actually happened back in October, but I've forgotten to post until now. Theoretically, I could keep playing the Throps, with Zait as the founder, but I was stupid and didn't transfer my Sims stuff to my new computer after the old one died.

Here's hoping I can get the next legacy a liiiittle bit farther. Oh well, the community name is plural for a reason! I'm thinking "Gardener" for my next legacy surname. What do you think?

Hi, Gabby!

I fail so bad.

It's seriously been a month since I posted here. Um, wow. Well, since school started I haven't really had much time to play Sims 2, but here's a little preview of Gen 1, Part 2. I will update as soon as I can.

SPOILERS!Collapse )


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