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IMPORTANT! Wnlegacies is moving!

Hi all,
Merry belated Christmas and happy new year! Due to technical issues (and the fact that, well, I have a life), there will not be any updates until after New Year's Day. Both the Apocalypse and my new Legacy (third time's the charm, right?) will be over at my personal journal, weissnicht . This community will remain up so anyone who's interested in flipping through the archives will be able to do so.

I am already playing both challenges. I've played up to generation 2.1 for the Legacy, and through the prequel (college years) of the Apocalypse. The prequel for the AC is actually ready, but ImageShack is not happy with my attempts to resize the pictures. Ugh. So that won't be up for a while.

The legacy will be the Dreamer Legacy. It involves the Dreamers from Pleasantview (obviously) and also a custom Sim of mine.

So long, wnlegacies ! And onto my real journal for Sim-stuff.

- Briana


Nope, I'm not dead

I just haven't updated in a verrrrrry long time. My old computer crashed, and now I'm running a Mac (w00t!). The downside to this is that I can't play my PC Sims games any longer, even on Boot Camp (my computer won't do it). Luckily I do have the Sims games for Mac, but just the Uni, NL, and Pets expansion packs.

How does this affect my legacy? Well, I had to start a whole new one. This time I'm starting with a Sim in college, and my only handicap is the 'Storyteller' one (each heir/heiress must write at least one novel, except for the tenth. I must write a story about my legacy as it progresses). Sometime soon I'm also going to be starting the Apocalypse Challenge - I'll likely post about how that goes here, too. Don't expect anything up before Christmas.

Want to see how the Lotharios ended up? Here are some of the pictures I never got around to posting.

Read more...Collapse )

So now you know where the Lotharios ended up. My next legacy also takes place in Pleasantview, but with an original Sim of mine.
My Apocalypse will likely take place in a new town.

Until next time. Merry Christmas!
A new update, after a very long wait.Collapse )

- Emmalia was the only one really upset over Tara. Even Brooke had only a brief initial crying spell, and that was it.
- April was named by my little sister Zoey. I don't remember if April was actually born in April or not.
- The tour of the new house was a lot of fun to write :) The house is a bunch more fun to play, too. I downloaded it from More Awesome Than You online (it was a download available to guests), even though it originally came with Teen Style Stuff. (I got the structure of the house, but not the things in it that came with TSS, since I don't have that stuff pack.) I did refurnish the whole house, and add the kitchen on the second floor. Other than that, it's all Maxis.
- I temporarily grew April up to see how she'd look when she got older. She actually grows into her features quite nicely!

Personality chartCollapse )
Two toddlers, two mommiesCollapse )

- Sorry this update was all about parenting, and also that it was really short...again, I didn't take enough pictures.
- The ghost is indeed Kieran, but as you may recall, I had to grow him up to kill him via cowplant.
- I can't tell you how happy I am that Oliver has 4 Active points! 3 or less means they can't run, and 5+ makes them hungry faster - so this is perfect! Everyone else in the household is super Active, as you can see below.
- This is another pregnancy where I had to cheat a little...Brooke was impregnated through the SimModder.
- The long wait for this update was due to the fact that I can't open SimPE anymore (no clue why, it just crashes), so I had to open the game and get the personality points. And of course I had to play a little, since the game was open and all...

Personality chartCollapse )

Ashtyn & Ashtyn

As I posted in my last update here, my Sim Ashtyn (and her sister April, but that's another post) has a name with a special meaning behind it. Even though I haven't had any guesses on the last post (I'll post answers later if nobody guesses at all), I saw today fit to reveal the meaning behind Ashtyn's name.

Why, you ask?

Ashtyn the Sim is named after Ashtyn N. My former science teacher's daughter. In fact, Ashtyn was born in my game just a few days after Ashtyn N was born in real life.

And real-life Ashtyn is exactly one month old today!

(Before you ask, no, April Lothario is not named after someone else's child. LOL. It's a completely different scenario.)

I'm getting ready to post update 4.1 right now, so I'm off! It should be up very soon.


Teaser: Generation IV!

Yep. Generation IV. Here's a little teaser for this generation, because I can.

Click to see itCollapse )The letters are there in case you want to guess who is who. I have the following of my legacy Sims still alive (if you want to guess, you can just say "D is April" or whatever your guess is):
Brooke (this one should be obvious)
Sir Servo (another obvious one)
April (our heiress!)

There's also one more child, and Suzanne, but I didn't get around to taking pictures of them. D, E, and F (and the other child whose picture I haven't posted) were indeed adopted, if you guessed it. And this should be obvious, but, yes, G is a cat. I think D is my favorite picture...

Ashtyn and April also have special meanings behind them. Zoey's the only one who knows what they are, besides me of course, and she isn't allowed to guess anyway (she knows who is who). I'll be revealing this all later.
Four years of college!Collapse )

- This should be a sort of milestone: first gay legacy Sim! Ha ha. I'm joking, I'm joking.
- YES, genetics are going to be passed on to the next generation! You'll see how in the next update.
- You don't have to tell me that Young Adults can get married; I know they can. I just prefer to let them finish college first, because their marriage feels more "official" to me after that. Yes, I'm strange.
- Suzanne ended up dropping out of college because I used a hack to speed up Brooke's college. Uni gets repetitive after a while. I'm planning for Suzanne to be a stay-at-home mom, anyway, while Brooke gets a job to support her family.
- Yes, I got lazy with the personality chart pictures. I forgot to take enough pictures and by the time I remembered it was too late. Katie's picture stayed the same because, wouldn't you know it, I've played up to generation 4.2 and STILL haven't done After That Jazz.

Personality chartCollapse )
Okay, I lied, I got around to making an update anyway.

Death and lots of grief...Collapse )

- Sorry for the really short update. Everybody was spending waaaaayyyyyy too much time crying for me to get any decent pictures.
- Kieran's grave is staying a tombstone because he died outside; Don's grave stayed an urn because he died inside. That's just how I play.
- Israel has been mourning his brother's grave since he died, poor thing.
- Interestingly enough, neither Don nor Kieran's ghosts have decided to come out yet.
- The next update will be entirely college life, because I haven't played a Sim through college since I installed University.
- Personality chart is copied from last update (minus Kieran, of course) because I couldn't get any new pictures that were any good.

Personality chart & a bonusCollapse )

Guessing game: spoiler edition!

I haven't updated in nearly a month. If I was a normal Simmer, I'd post an update now. I'd let you know what, exactly, happened to Kieran, who went to college and who didn't, and if Kieran was still the heir.

But I'm not a normal Simmer.

So what do not-normal Simmers do when they're too lazy to post an update?

Why, post spoilers of course!

Click for the spoilers!Collapse )
Click to readCollapse )


- I actually found a girl for Israel whose turn-ons are full-face makeup and glasses, so that's why Israel suddenly appeared with glasses. Heir or not, he needs a girl for After That Jazz, at least!
- The "Race to Skill" was inspired by James almost burning down my legacy. :P Everyone has at least five Cooking points now.
- Eek, I'm really behind in posting updates. I've played up to generation four already!

Personality chartCollapse )


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