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Okay, I lied, I got around to making an update anyway.

(Last time: Kieran and Israel have grown up into children, while Brooke and Katie have turned thirteen. After a "Race to Skill," Kieran was declared to be the generation three heir. But at age ten, our heir can't take his older brother pressuring that he should find a girl - and before anybody knows it, he's gone. But where to?)


Age: 10
Height: 4'2"
Race: White
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Gender: Male

Last seen wearing a green Freezer Bunny shirt and jeans. Ran away from 9085 Sim Street, Pleasantview. If you have any information, please call 555-SIMS and ask for Tara or James Lothario.

In the weeks following that day we put up the "missing child" posters, I think our whole family turned into zombies.
We barely ate, slept, or talked anymore. I think Mom and Dad were the worst. In the middle of something they'd just drop what they were doing and burst into tears.
It was Uncle Alex who found Kieran three weeks later. Immediately recognizing his nephew, he called up the local newspaper. And then us.


Ten-year-old Kieran Lothario was found dead outside his uncle's house in Pleasantview
on thirteenth March. Kieran was an outgoing, energetic young man who loved soccer and his dog Sparky.

He was the youngest of James and Tara Lothario's four children: Brooke, Katie, Israel, and Kieran himself. Autopsy results indicate that after running away from home, he was hit by a car and died instantly. Authorities are still trying to track down the driver, who fled from the scene of the accident.


Sparky would stand and howl for minutes on end after Kieran died. I think that he, too, realized that the boy he had come to treat as his master was never coming back.

Sometimes I would dream about Kieran coming back, if only for a little bit. I wished he would come back, but I was old enough to know that he would never come back to our little house in Pleasantview.

We buried him to the side of the house, on a chilly day where the wind bit through our clothing and screamed in our ears.

Katie kept turning to Dad and asking him why. Why did Kieran have to die? He was only ten, still young! He hadn't done anything! He was our heir! But every time, Dad would just sadly shrug and mumble something.

I think Israel was the most deeply affected of any of us. He had lost his twin brother, a friend who was exactly his age and knew everything about him.

The night of the funeral was the worst. I found him outside at ten in his pajamas, shouting out and crying and protesting his brother's death.

I came out and cuddled him and asked him if there was anything I could do that would make him feel better.
He was pretty quiet as he kept crying. "Can you tell me a story, Brookey? A story about Kieran and me? I want to hear it out here, near his grave."

I wasn't sure I could do that...but I tried. I tried my best, really I did.

I told him what it was like for Katie and me when he and Kieran were babies and then toddlers. How they loved to bang on the xylophone. How Kieran would rattle the crib bars and scream when he wanted out, and how Israel always stole his bottles away.

The last one made my little brother smile. "Was I awful?" he asked.
"Nah, I think you just liked sharing bottles with him. It saved Mom and Dad a lot of time - I can't remember them ever having to give a bottle to you directly."
And then he laughed, sort of.

"Are you going to be our heiress, Brooke? Since you got second in our skilling race?"
"Uhm...well, I don't know yet, Israel. I don't know. Maybe."

Then I looked at him, asking, "Why did you want a story out here, anyway? It's cold."
"Because I thought that Kieran might be able to hear the story, too. Do you think he heard it?" Israel asked, his eyes brimming with hope.
"I think he did," I replied, too afraid to burst his bubble.

Things never really went back to normal after Kieran's death.
But Israel was right to worry about our new heir (or heiress), because Katie and I were approaching eighteen fast.

Israel was offered the role, but turned it down, saying it should be one of us.

So the night before our eighteenth birthday, Dad pulled me outside to talk. He wanted me to be our heiress.
I started to say no, but then he reminded me about our financial problems.

He told me that we could only afford to send our heiress to college, and with skills as high as mine, I deserved a higher education.
It was hard to pass up a college education...too hard for me. So I accepted.

And that's how I ended up here. Sim State University.

- Sorry for the really short update. Everybody was spending waaaaayyyyyy too much time crying for me to get any decent pictures.
- Kieran's grave is staying a tombstone because he died outside; Don's grave stayed an urn because he died inside. That's just how I play.
- Israel has been mourning his brother's grave since he died, poor thing.
- Interestingly enough, neither Don nor Kieran's ghosts have decided to come out yet.
- The next update will be entirely college life, because I haven't played a Sim through college since I installed University.
- Personality chart is copied from last update (minus Kieran, of course) because I couldn't get any new pictures that were any good.

DON LOTHARIO, Legacy Founder
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: Become Professional Party Guest
Sloppy (1)

Outgoing (7)
Active (8)
Serious/Playful (5)
Grouchy (4)

JAMES LOTHARIO, Generation 2 Heir
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Become Captain Hero
Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (10)
Active (10)
Serious (2)
Nice (9)

BROOKE LOTHARIO, Generation 3 Heiress
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Max 7 Skills
Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (10)
Active (10)
Serious (3)
Grouchy (3)

Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: Become Captain Hero
Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (8)
Active (10)
Playful (6)
Grouchy (3)

Aspiration: Grow Up
LTW: n/a
Sloppy (4)
Outgoing (9)
Active (10)
Serious (2)
Grouchy (3)

And a bonus: What really happened to Kieran!

Yes, Israel was granted the, um, privilege of drinking his late brother.

As for the fact that kids can't be eaten by the cowplant - more about Kieran to be revealed in later updates!


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Mar. 28th, 2010 02:08 am (UTC)
Ha ha! But please, take a picture of her arriving. It makes people like me kinda nuts. But at the cowplant part, why didn't you take the picture in daylight so people can see better? I know I'm not a Simmer, but please.
From Zoey
Mar. 28th, 2010 02:18 am (UTC)
1. Coming to college temporarily deactivates the camera.
2. Too lazy. :P
Mar. 28th, 2010 02:24 am (UTC)
L-aaa--aa-a-azyhead. Take one anyway.
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